Chinese Brush Paintings

Chinese brush painting also has renowned health benefits.
It is good for your spirit and induces a sense of peace and serenity.
It can be very relaxing, and in China it is believed to lead to a long life!
The course will be enjoyable and fun.
You will begin to understand ideas and techniques of traditional Chinese Art and appreciation of Chinese culture through art.
It will also help you learn and develop a sense of brush strokes and space and the energy of Chinese Art.
You will learn the subjects, which include flowers, birds, fishes. Animal and landscapes etc..

The course is designed for beginners and advanced artists of all ages and abilities.
I hope that you will be inspired to use your skills and develop and practise your art at home.
But above all I hope that it will make your life richer and happier.

Please see below as an example of the course programme


Introduction to Traditional Chinese Brush Painting
Introduction to material and equipment used in brush painting.
Chinese calligraphy and how to write your own name
Teaching of simple Chinese characters
How to paint Bamboo
Demonstration and practise

Different styles and techniques of painting China’s national flower – The Peony
Look at the variety of ink tones and natural brush strokes
Demonstration and practise

Basic technique of paintings birds
Demonstration of using simple brush strokes to paint different kinds of birds in different positions: step by step
Practise and individual help

Painting different flowers and plants – Orchids, Lotus, Plum Blossom etc.
. Emphasis on composition in Chinese Art
Demonstration and practise

Traditional Chinese Landscapes
Learn how to paint subjects such as rocks, mountains and rivers, with traditional techniques
Demonstration and practise with individual help.

Painting different trees in different styles
Introduction to how to paint subjects, including houses, boats, land and sky

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